Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I learned something new today...

It is said we should make an attempt to learn something every day that we did not know yesterday. In my internet travels today, I found some interesting information that was unknown to me yesterday... I located a local chapter of an embroidery guild here in Nanaimo... the Island Stitchery Guild. They meet once a month from September to June.

The Guild is part of the Embroiderers' Association of Canada Inc. whose aim is "to preserve traditional techniques and promote new challenges in the Art of Embroidery through education and networking". The Association came into official existence in Winnipeg, MB, in 1974, and to date has almost 2500 members in Canada and other countries throughout the world, making up 46 chapters and 17 youth groups. Through membership, correspondence classes are available for various stitching techniques at all levels of knowledge. Certification may also be obtained upon completion of individual courses, ranging in length from 12 months for the beginners and 18 months for the intermediate and advanced stitchers. There is even a 5 day seminar coming up in May of 2012, in Victoria, BC, (just down Vancouver Island from us...) for members of the EAC~all about embroidery and stitching!

I am most certainly going to contact the Island Guild to find out more details about the Nanaimo chapter. Great Grandma S. and Grandma S. would both be so proud to know that I am choosing to carry on with the disciplined stitching they taught me as a little girl before I could even print my full name.

Until next time... keep your needle threaded... be safe, be happy.