Friday, April 12, 2013

Our Crafty Biz Heroes

We have a change of subject in The Parlour today... We promise to bring you a post with links about our Hooker Heroes at a later date =)

Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing info & tidbits about our fav craft market ~ Make It! ~ a twice yearly artisan market in Vancouver, BC, & Edmonton, AB, featuring handmade crafts, fine art and delicious homemade treats & snacks. The first shows of the 2013 season take place in the Edmonton, AB, area at The Enjoy Centre in St. Albert this weekend, followed by the Vancouver, BC, show at the Croatian Cultural Centre next weekend. 

Today, we want to share with you something near & dear to our hearts... Make It Happen! is a documentary being put together by Jenna Herbut, (Make It! craft show, Make It! University) and her partner, Neil Mangan. Together, this amazing couple are seeking to spread the word that it is possible to quit your day job and be a success at your creative pursuits. Their film features inspiring interviews with several artists sharing their personal stories about how it is possible to be a full-time artist & entrepreneur working whatever craft your heart, hands & soul desire... We no longer need to be a "starving artist" ~ we now have "living proof" of that!! *all humor intended in that remark*

You can view the trailer & fund-raising campaign by clicking on the right sidebar. Since the start of this project on April 5, 40+ supporters have contributed a little over 1/3 towards Jenna & Neil's goal of raising $15,000 to help cover the production costs of the DVD being released in the spring of 2014. Be sure to check all the fabulous perks for being a Make It Happen supporter too!!

Share the links, follow the Facebook page, contribute financially ~ your support in any way you are able, for this special project will be so very, very much appreciated by creative entrepreneurs the world over!! 

From the bottom of our hearts, "Thank You Muchly & Big Huggzz" ~~to Jenna & Neil for all the hard work, talent and commitment being put into this project ~~to all the artists for sharing your stories with us ~~and to all those behind the scenes of every artist choosing to follow their creative passion, for giving the love & support you do every day...

Keep safe & we'll see you next week, here in The Parlour =)

Photo by ccthompson

Coming Next Week: More Fav Local Artisan Markets