Friday, May 3, 2013

Some Fav Crochet Designers a.k.a. "Our Hookin' Heroes"

Most people have a hero... a mentor they admire for one reason or another... someone they look up to for guidance & inspiration...

I've found some fabulous crochet designers in my webworld explorations... teachers I learned new stitches from... fantastic video tutorials to help me with different techniques when an "I don't get that!" situation came up in an advanced written pattern... people who inspired me to be a better yarn twister.
One of my top 10 favs is Mikey (Michael Sellick) at The Crochet Crowd. It's great to see men crocheting and doing other needlework!! Mikey has a huge library of videos on YouTube to subscribe to if you want to learn pretty much anything about crochet, including how to read patterns using universal crochet symbols. His tutorials are perfect for visual learners, and his sense of humour will definitely provide you with a giggle or few. Be sure to check out the new Crochet Club Challenges as well ~ Mikey's Afghan Club & Cathy's Hook Club ~ fun stuff & a chance to win cool goodies!! The site is being renovated over there at the moment, so if something isn't working, check back soon.

I also found Kim Guzman, designer & pattern developer. I recently completed a class with Kim over in Crochetville, where I learned some new graph crochet techniques... filet technique for lacy shadowed work... intarsia to incorporate different colours into designs other than row colour changes... a few Tunisian stitches to expand my previous skills with... This is one busy lady with a list of published books, video tutorials, social media connections, and a few web pages to boot. And she *still* has time to crochet!

My #1 true crochet hero is Laurie Wheeler ~ the Fearless Leader of the Crochet Liberation Front and the social site Hookey. I love her attitude about it the art of crochet ~ I do *not* knit (nothing against those that do); I crochet & I hold my hook high!! 2 different skills requiring different tools! ...a craft requiring time, patience & perseverance! Hookey was my first refreshing gasp breath of fresh air after setting my hooks down for 20 years due to lack of what my standards held to be decent market resources for crocheters. (Okay, I admit... I was hyperventilating with excitement at the prospect of having my hook in hand again! Thank you, Laurie <3 ) 

Speaking of heroes, have you seen how close our "Quit Your Job/Follow Your Creativity/Be A Success" heroes, Jenna & Neil, are to reaching their goal for the Make It Happen documentary?? SD & I made a donation this week, and we're excited about seeing all the interviews with everyone in the finished film! Let's help this project over the top before the deadline ends in 4 days ~ donate &/or spread the word!! Thank you!!

I'm skipping off now, with hook in hand, until next week... may the yarn gods be with you!

Who are your Hooker (Creative) Heroes? Who inspires your creations? Tell us about it in the comment box below ~ we'd love to hear about them...