Friday, September 13, 2013

When I Can't Sleep...

Posting later than usual this week... after spending several hours yesterday, last night *and* this morning working with a couple different photo editing programs that tested both my patience levels with software limitations and my perfectionism/OCD issues. In the end, the editing programs won out ~ I'm learning when to say "when" and accept the achieved results that are, in reality, very good. It truly is much better for the stress levels as well... =)

Sometimes, no matter what, sleep will *not* happen when you want it to. I'm also learning to toss & turn less and work with it more, especially now that the years of no children to care for are upon me. I do keep to a regular schedule for the most part but that infamous "monkey-mind" decides to take over once in a while. Most times, I rise to my hooks. Crochet has a very calming effect for me ~ a meditative state as I focus on the movement of my hook as it twists the yarn or thread into form, counting the stitches as I go ~ relaxing my mind and putting those darn "monkeys" to rest!!  One, maybe 2 hours, of hooking yarn and I'm off to dreamland... I suppose I could count how many sheep I shear for their wool but then I'd be picking colors and projects and... nope ~ that adds to the "monkeys" lol

This latest project coming off the hooks will be added to the growing inventory for our Make It! Vancouver market in November ~ a hairpin lace shawl {free pattern link here} As it's been several years since I hooked this old-fashioned technique, I set off on my usual YouTube search for video tutorials for a refresher. There are quite a few and I found this one on Bernat Yarns to be the best for explaining in detail how to get started. Once started, you'll find your own rhythm for the simple repeat motions for creating the strips of loops. I haven't decided yet how I'm going to join the strips given all the possibilities... I have 2 strips to go before I get to that point... possibly 3 if I change that up, too... creative dilemmas ~ I love them!! {Check out Stitch Diva Studios for more inspiration and tutorials about hairpin lace} 

Adjustable hairpin lace loom. This one I bought in 1984 ~ a vintage original...
240 loops per side. Red Heart Soft Touch Yarn in Lavender 3720
Groups of 5,  joined with sc, ch6
What do you do when you can't sleep? Do you toss & turn and stress over it more? Or do you 'rise to the occasion' ?

Keep well!! May the sandman bring you sugar plum dreams!!
...we'll see you next time ~ here, In The Parlour =)

*photos by ccthompson