Friday, October 11, 2013

Today is officially I Love Yarn Day ~ the day for all yarnies to show their love of fibre!!
Visit the Craft Yarn Council website here
In honour, I'm going to spend the entire day with hook in hand, on a marathon of crochet

Crochet cotton thread in various colors by ccthompson
 It's been a busy week with  appointments and I did complete some inventory for our upcoming market in 6 weeks... 
Although I haven't officially unveiled the actual pieces... that's happening in a few weeks... I will tease you:
~ this year's pieces are the first in a collectible set; new designs & colors  will be added in future Christmas seasons.
~ the 2013 colors coming off the hook include:
Shaded Blues, Dark Royal, Delft Blue, Shaded Purples, Violet, Shaded Pinks, Dusty Rose, Coral, Burgundy, Forest Green, Olive, Shaded Yellows & Ecru. 

This weekend is also Canadian Thanksgiving... I want to take this opportunity to say I am truly grateful for all the fabulous people !everywhere! who love & support the handmade community ~family, friends, fellow creatives, and all the lovers of handmade goodness!! I'm also very grateful to have been given my creative talents, as well as for the privilege of being able to share that gift with you... thank you <3

To those celebrating in a few days ~ Happy Thanksgiving ~ may you have a massive dose of tryptophan followed by a good nap =)
Remember to be grateful, always, for even the tiniest gifts in your life; others may not be as fortunate to have such blessings... we'll see you next time..., In The Parlour.