Friday, November 22, 2013

The Home Stretch

How was your week? Seems Old Man Winter has visited a few of our friends & family recently... hope everyone is keeping warm...

Well, we're in the home stretch ~ 6 more sleeps until Make It! Vancouver opens!! It's gone from counting the number of designs finished to counting down the number of colors left to complete. We still have a couple more projects to finish up for the show inventory ~ about a day's worth on stitch markers, one more shawl and some crocheted earrings. After that, it's all about prepping the packaging and doing a dry run of display set up... All in all, even with the nerve jitters & tiny worries, things are coming together nicely!

Shawls & Afghans ~ The "Dark Victorian" is started and needs one more day of stitching. The Tunisian baby pink afghan is about a quarter of the way completed and I'll be bringing that one to the show as one of my "Artisan At Work" projects. Everything else is freshly-laundered and ready for tagging.

The 2013 'Simply Elegant' Ornament Collection ~ Starching & blocking is caught up... counting down the colors left to hook up on the last design and those, too, will hit the pins & starch. The silk ribbon hanging loops are all cut to length, waiting to be attached.

A few more Beaded Stitch Markers & Hook Reminders to make... 

I have also been busy crocheting delicate thread-work earrings in a variety of colors and motifs. The earrings created in the studio are made with the last of the thread from the ornaments, so the selection will be varied. There will be an updated catalogue {beginning 09Dec13} on our Facebook page of what is currently available. Pictured below are Violet Diamonds ~ they measure 5cm {2"} long and sell for $25/pair.

Booth Display ~ Our new studio assistant, Ms. Betsy Mannequin, is ready to strut her stuff with the shawls. She will be doing a dress rehearsal this weekend. The technical end of the display is ready for testing as well. A couple of price lists to print and frame... With set up 6 days away, the weekend will be dedicated to the merchandising planogram. 

Packaging ~ As minimal as possible although still required to keep those treasures safe while  transporting and storing. Bags and boxes are purchased and ready for custom decorating. Methinks this is will be a job delegated to SD while I do up the product care cards ;-)

I will take a deep breath when I begin to feel overwhelmed and remember that I do have 30 years of customer service skills and over 10 years of retail sales experience under my belt... this is a walk in the park... memories of my assistant manager days, working Moonlight Madness & holiday sales in the only mall in Small Border-Town City!!

Back to the preps... come by the show if you're in Vancouver, check out the fabulous one-stop shopping opportunity ~ you're sure to find something for everyone on your holiday list... 

We'll have some live updates from the show next week ~ follow our posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+... take care... we'll see you next time..., In The Parlour =)

*Photos by SD Jackson, PixAppeal Photography