Saturday, October 22, 2011

Good morning! Welcome to Carla’s Victorian Heirlooms. We are very excited about launching this Blog and its companion page on Facebook. It has been a long journey from a girl’s dream of opening a store to a working business plan.

Carla & Co.
The market has changed. Brick & mortar is no longer the standard marketing space. Today, e-commerce opens up the world with many exciting possibilities, and challenges. Social pages introduced many new concepts in marketing, including “going viral”. Facebook brings with it many opportunities to connect and reconnect. These new marketing tools have opened up the world.

The Arts & Crafts markets in contrast are one of the oldest forms of merchandising and these markets are at the heart of the business. From the traditional Christmas craft fairs to the trendy night markets, crafts are experiencing a renewal as the old guard retires and the next generation is stepping up with new attitude, market savvy, and a mission that blurs the lines between economic and political. It is an exciting time to enter this revitalized marketplace.

Through the upcoming days and months, we will use this Blog to keep you updated on projects, milestones, and markets. There will be plenty of pictures, tidbits of information, and personal observations on the changing role of the Arts & Crafts movement. See projects come together, and see it here first, as I create Victorian heirloom home accents and personal treasures.

I invite you to follow this Blog and our Facebook page and join me on my road of adventure from my first lemonade stand…  to our niche in the marketplace.