Sunday, October 23, 2011

Good Morning.

We have had a lot of fun finalizing our Christmas product line. Looking at different ideas, doing trials where we measure costs, time, and market value. It has led to numerous conversations about fabrics, aesthetics, usability, and durability over many cups of tea. We have had some chances to show prototypes to a variety of people and groups, making notes on reactions and listening to the feedback we received.

A couple of points seemed be universal. One was that hand embroidery and the skill it entails still holds value to consumers. Often thought of as a lost art in the face of machine embroidery, time and time again, people noticed those hand made details and commented favorably, often with warm stories of mothers and grandmothers who practiced the art.

Another point was that products must have a function and be durable. It was important that products be useful, not just displayed. People wanted products that replaced the mass-produced ubiquitous items around the home. Not unlike the 100-mile diet, people want to connect with the artisans that make the products in their home. Price was not as important as authenticity, durability, and uniqueness.

To launch our Christmas product line we have chosen a lined wine tote, bread bags, and gift bags. Individualized by myself, using hand-stitched embroidery and embellishments that bring out the warmth of the jewel-toned fabrics. Reusable and of a quality that they may indeed be called heirlooms that people will regift year after year.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be featuring each of these products individually so you can see for yourself. For those who cannot attend our craft shows, send me a private message and we can arrange to have your order shipped in time for Christmas gift giving.
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