Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Feature Gallery: Cotton Bread Bags

First an update...

Good evening to all. It was a long day spent behind the desk to catch up on paper work again... finish one file and on to the next. Plans have changed for the weekend... no Vancouver trip to visit the Make It! show... no Parksville visit either. We are instead going to stick closer to home and visit a couple of the small local markets going right here on Gabriola Island... The Feedlot Studios is running a market Friday November 25 (5pm – 9pm) and Saturday November 26 (10am – 4pm)... As well, the 2nd Annual Gabriola Artisan Christmas Fair is taking place Saturday November 26 & Sunday November 27 at the Rollo Seniors’ Centre, 685 North Road.

That’s the news of the day from the studio... now on to our feature of today... 
cotton bread bags! 

Photo courtesy S. D. Jackson Photography

The bags are ...Reusable and environmentally friendly (no extra plastic in the landfills) ...Made right here in our studio, with 100% cotton fabric (toss them in with regular kitchen laundry instead of washing bulky plastic containers) ...Have a drawstring at the top for easy open and close (no more broken plastic clips or worn twist ties) ...Finished measurements are 8½” wide by 15½” long to fit a loaf of artisan bread nicely ...Add a unique touch to your kitchen decor ...Each bag is completed with a finishing "artisan's touch" of the hand-stitched embroidery “Bread” in a contrasting color to compliment the fabric ...Makes a great bag when you want to take that fresh bread to your next dinner invite!

Photo courtesy S. D. Jackson Photography

Up next in our Feature Gallery will be the small version of a gift bag with a built-in handle... until then...
stay safe, be happy.