Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gallery production is underway...

A busy day in the studio today... more production is underway in the inventory division of Carla's Victorian Heirlooms. Next off the sewing machine are some cotton bread bags. These bags are wonderful in that we will no longer have to use unsightly containers or plastic bags for storing bread... we can save the landfill from a bit of unneeded waste... and every little bit helps. Cloth bags will certainly outlast any plastic bag that can only be used a few times before it looks like something the wind got a hold of. Throw the cotton bag in with your regular laundry and it is ready for use again and again. Not only all that, they are a decorative addition to your everyday kitchen linens.

Constructed with 100% cotton, the bags have a drawstring top for easy opening and quick closing. They're fantastic to put a loaf of homemade bread in to take to your next dinner host or hostess. Each one is embellished with a bit of decoration as well for a finishing touch of creativity. They are multifunctional ~ you can use them for storing pretty much anything you can think of to put in them.

The new inventory of bags will be showcased here on the blog during the week of November 21. Along with the bread bags, we will be featuring the choices in our jewel-toned gift bag selection... these gift bags wrap a bottle much easier and nicer than a brown paper bag... We have started a pre-order list for the upcoming holiday season so best to order soon to ensure delivery in time for the shipping rush. Ordering and shipping deadlines will be posted during the showcase week as well. 

Until next time... don't let your thread run too short... stay safe, be happy.