Friday, May 17, 2013

17May13 So Far... Octagons & Squares

Here's the progress report for the Octagons & Squares afghan since last week... the smaller motifs hooked up in no time at all... now that it's on to the octagons, it's taking somewhat longer to work them...

6 red/black squares ~ complete. 6 blue/black squares ~ complete

 20 circles ~ ready to be crocheted into octagons 
2 completed octagons for mock up ~ 9 blue, 9 red to go
{Any guesses what I'll be doing to pass the 2-hour ferry rides to & from Vancouver Island this weekend???}

Even though this challenge is over on Mikey's Afghan Club, you are still able to add your submission to the Flickr photo gallery. I've also added the pattern link to the sidebar if you haven't already got it and are interested in creating one of your own for a unique hand-crafted gift or for curling up under with your favourite book.

Anything on your creative agenda this weekend? Kickin' back & relaxin'? Enjoy the sunshine, and for some of us ~ the kick-off long weekend to summer!! 

Have a fantastic week, too, and we'll see you next Friday... here in The Parlour!!

*photos by ccthompson