Friday, May 24, 2013

Summa This... Summa That

How was your weekend? ~ sunshine, decent weather, feet up and relaxation with friends & family? Or busy, busy, busy with projects?

We were privileged to have summa this & summa that =) Sailing on the ferry for 90 minutes each way contributed to the stack of octagons getting higher. Tally after the weekend is 3 red & 3 blue completed with border... only 7 more of each color to go and then it's time to stitch it all together... I'll be updating with more pics of the afghan-to-be in a couple of weeks...

Sunshine on the deck with a glass of wine was a perfect way to pass some time before we all headed down to Nanaimo Harbour for the Victoria Day fireworks display Saturday evening. A beautiful day followed by a fabulous evening stroll with SD, Miss B (our grand daughter) and family... the issue now is Grandma & Grandpa need a few days off to recover from the weekend ~ we still got it in us after *ahem* several decades! =)

We are also extremely busy at the moment with preparations for our first-ever vendor application to Make It! Vancouver craft market taking place at the end of November. A brand new name banner for our booth display is in production at the sign shop... tagging & packaging is tweaked... the hook has been smokin' off some new designs... the studio work table is loaded up with supplies and tools for the new product line... consultations for custom requests... ordering, receiving, tracking supply inventory... Wow!! I love! love! love! our busy life =)

Here's a sneek peek at a few of the supplies currently being used to create some beautiful & practical handmade goodness... and if you're guessing jewellery ~ sorry, wrong answer... and that's all I have to say about that... for now... the rest is "Top Secret" until show time ;-)

Asian Bamboo & Midnight Crystal Pearls
Blossoms & Pink Crystal Pearls

What's your latest project? Takin' it easy? Or busy little bee? 
Keep well... Stay safe... We'll see you next week, here in The Parlour... 

Weekend Craft Market Reminder: If you are looking for something to do this weekend (May 25, May 26) for about an hour, hop over to False Creek to the Creekside Community Centre and meander through the Portobello West Summer Market  Perhaps we'll see you there in our wanderings...

*photos by ccthompson