Friday, May 31, 2013

Quickie Post Today

Today's news is short & sa-weet ~ we have been mega busy with preparations for our application to Make It! Vancouver... Brand new signage is fabulous!! (Thank you!! Fast Signs)... 2 out of 3 new inventory lines only need to be packaged and they are ready for photos... bit of a checklist left to do for the booth display set up & photo session next weekend... one more creation to begin production on as well...

SD & I will braking {correct spelling ;-) } for some "us time" to head down to White Rock for a bit of Rockabilly entertainment... here's the link to the info page if you want something to do for this Saturday June 1:  Revive 'Em & Drive 'Em

Have a fantabulous weekend!! Get 'creative' with your free time... brake for a day to do something out of your usual routine, something you can look back on one day for a "remember when..." moment ~

*photo by ccthompson
Be safe!! Keep well!! and we'll see you next week, here in The Parlour...