Monday, October 24, 2011

Gearing up...

Good morning,

Preparing for our first craft show... It has been a virtual tour of Vancouver Island and the Mainland craft circuit as we check out each show and talk over the pros and cons of each. Some are too localized, farmers markets and the like, where vendors are accepted only from a specific area. Some allow imported products and third person sales, too much like the mall. Juried or unjuried, swag bag or no swag bag. How many years in operation, number of vendors, last year’s attendance. Who is promoting the event and how. These are just some of the parameters to look at as we finalize next year’s show.

Counted Cross Stitch
 For us, our first show is about time and availability. Time~we are coming in too late for the juried shows and availability, many of the big shows are booked. That leaves us with waiting lists and regional shows. Perfect!  Just what we need to fine tune booth displays and product.

The product line is finalized and inventory purchased, check. Next is completing our booth presentation. Our education starts with touring the big Christmas shows on the Island like the NanaimoProfessional Craft Fair, Parksville’s Kris Kringle Craft Market, and James Bay’s Dickens Fair then over to the mainland and the Vancouver Make It! show in the spring. We will bring you pictures of the markets as we check out the other vendors, better understand traffic flow, and view booth presentations. Oh! And assemble and finish our stock, sew a dress and did I mention...I am taking business courses too, lol.

Sixteen weeks to show the demand of our product; a daunting task for a hardened business person, but a challenge we are up for. With assistance from my happy roustabout, we are going to show them we are a triple threat of artistic talent, business know how, and sales sense.

How can you help? Private message me to pre-order for this Christmas gift-giving season (watch this Blog for items as they become available), a “Like” of the Facebook page or a “Hello!” all contribute as you share our adventure.

Until next time be safe, be happy.